Supercilium Brow Glaze No. 1 Relaxing Solution

The Relaxing Solution is one of 3 solutions needed to create beautiful, laminated brows. The Relaxing Solution changes the shape of the brows into the desired position. No. 1 contains hydrogen, which enables the disulfide bond to change shape. Note: The Relaxing Solution must be used in combination with The Laminate and Nourishing Elixer in order to be effective.


No. 1 Relaxing solution is the first step in the Brow Lamination process. 

This 3 step process involves a Relaxing Solution, Laminate and Nourishing Elixir. Used together correctly, the treatment acts as a type of perm for the brows that results in a fuller, thicker arch. If the brow is really stiff or not styled to your preference, priming glue is available to style and groom the hairs into place. 

Ingredients: Water, Monoethanolaminie Thiolactate, Monoethanolamine, Cethtyl Alcohol, Emacol